Canadian Museum Uses Augmented Reality App to Bring Dinosaurs Back to Life

The Royal Ontario Mueseum in Toronto is leveraging augmented reality technology and using a new mobile app to bring dinosaurs back to life.

The app, called ROM Ultimate Dinosaurs, allows visitors to use their smartphones or the museum’s mounted iPads to turn dinosaur skeletons into realistic, flesh-covered original forms. Download here.

“We can see what they would have looked like with skin on when they were alive and how they would have moved and behaved,” Tracy Ruddell, assistant vice president of marketing for the museum, told Reuters. “As a museum we’re all about real-world objects. But being able to bring prehistoric dinosaurs back to life was a pretty amazing thing.”

“Augmented reality allows us to do things with objects that we could never do in the physical world because, of course, we still have to preserve the specimens,” Tracy added. “It also allows us to provide educational information, and really stories, about these objects that are difficult to do in traditional means.”

ABI Research projects that the augmented reality industry will reach $3 billion in revenue by 2016, up from $21 million in 2010.

Ultimate Dinosaurs at the Royal Ontario Museum runs until March.