Canadian Music Week in Toronto

Yesterday, music enthusiasts, musicians, and industry insiders gathered in Toronto to celebrate Canadian Music Week.  CMW will continue to celebrate music throughout the city until Saturday. 

Besides concerts and sightings of rock stars, there will be many sessions related to technology and social media

Among those that Techvibes readers may be interested in are the following:

  1. View From The Top: Digital Heads:  Three top music executives will discuss and debate how the music industry will utilize the internet to create and sustain a dependable business environment.
  2. The Future of Music Distribution:  Is the future the continuation of 99-cent downloads or a bulk price structure downloading fee?  This panel discussion will attempt to predict the future of music distribution.
  3. Social Media and Online Tools for the Music Creator:  Social media tools like Twitter, Flickr and Facebook can help independent music creators market, promote, play and sell their music.  Experts will outline the roadmap of success for the digital music future.
  4. Artist as Entrepreneur in a Digital Age:  Attendees will find out from the people who’ve crunched the numbers on how to handle your own business without a label in this Digital Age.
  5. Reaching Fans Directly – There’s An App For That:  iPhones and BlackBerrys have now become music delivery systems.  The panel in this discussion will share some of the most powerful new artist-based mobile applications that are meant to extend the artist’s reach.
  6. Radio Digital Do’s and Don’ts:  Daniel Anstandig of McVay New Media will show, among other things, how companies are changing their approach and reaching consumers via interactive media.
  7. DIY: Radio & Video Promotion:  The music executives in this panel will compare digital services that supply all forms of radio, online streaming, and music video websites.
  8. Digital Summit 2010 And Beyond – What Does The Next Decade Have In Store For Everyone At The Table?:  Everyone interested or vested in the music industry will attempt to see through the crystal ball to see what’s next in the digital music revolution.
  9. Could Collective Licensing For P-2-P File sharing Be A Future source Of Income For The Music Industry?:  Are licensing agreements with ISP providers (like cable TV fees) the answer?  How can artists, songwriters and labels monetize P-2-P?
  10. ISP Liability on Trial:  Are ISPs responsible to ensure that music creators and rights holders are paid from music that is downloaded?  Be prepared for a lively debate.
  11. Future Hit DNA: How the digital Revolution is Changing Top 10 Songs:  Jay Frank of CMT (a MTV Network) came to the realization that the nature of songs has changed as a result of the medium in which we listen to them.

For more information on venues and times of these sessions, please visit the Canadian Music Week website.