Canadian New Media Awards Finalist Profiles: Excellence in News/Information

The Canadian New Media Awards take place November 18, 2008, as part of the nextMEDIA conference. In the lead up to this event, I’m going to profile the categories and finalists, one per day. Today’s category is Excellence in News/Information. is a project done by Turbulent Média of Montreal for the CBC. It is a web component to the CBC documentary “Antarctic Mission” about the Sedna, a research ship documenting the effects of climate change at the poles.

Diamond Road Online is an interactive “documentary you direct”, on the web, based on a documentary television series that explores the various layers of the global diamond trade. It was done by Kensington Communications of Toronto.
needs little introduction; it’s the news website of our Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Recently, they’ve enhanced it with a greater selection of video content, and with commenting and rating features. It remains ad-free. The site is maintained in-house by the CBC in Toronto.