Canadian New Media Awards Finalist Profiles: Excellence in Social Media Websites

The Canadian New Media Awards take place November 18, 2008, as part of the nextMEDIA conference. In the lead up to this event, we’re profiling the categories and finalists. Today’s category is Excellence in Social Media Websites.

Taunt Media’s Protagonize is a creative writing community dedicated to writing various forms of collaborative, interactive fiction. One author writes a story, and others post branches or chapters to it in different directions. The result is an organic, evolving story where everyone can participate. Taunt Media calls Vancouver home.

Montreal’s Homeless Nation is a non-profit endeavor founded by Daniel Cross, a documentary filmmaker whose films deal with social justice and Canada’s homeless. In the making of his films The Street and S.P.I.T. – Squeegee Punks In Traffic, hundreds of Montreal’s homeless community shared their stories with him.

Pixton is a social media website where you create comics − without having to draw. People of all ages can share, remix, and publish their ideas, opinions, and stories to a worldwide audience. Pixton Comics Inc. is owned and operated by Clive and Daina Goodinson of Vancouver.