Canadian New Media Awards Finalists Profile: Excellence in Socal Media

The Canadian New Media Awards take place November 18, 2008, as part of the nextMEDIA conference. In the lead up to this event, we’re profiling the categories and finalists. Today’s second category is Excellence in Social Media.

Kinzin’s These are My Kids is a Facebook Application that resolves the headaches and problems of posting photos to multiple publishing networks and accounts. Most importantly, it’s private – only those friends explicitly invited to view your photos will be able to see them.

The Traveller IQ Challenge from TravelPod is addictive game (available both on and off Facebook) designed to test how well you know your geography.

RealChampions is an amateur sports social networking site powered by Olympic sponsor Bell. Originally the site acted as an information portal for Canadian amateur sports enthusiasts and athletes but was repurposed to rally virtual support for Canada’s Olympians in Beijing. Montreal-based digital branding agency CloudRaker was responsible for the redesign.