Canadian Online Marriage Name Change Service Launches

Vancouver-based I’m a Mrs is an online name change service for frustrated brides and would-be brides that want to save time.  The Vancouver-based name change service is the first of its kind in Canada and industry insiders are paying attention to it.  The concept is very useful:

Rather than venture to a government office for forms, and then search and call various other organizations, I’m a Mrs. takes care of all of the above in one easy stop.

Co-founded by Claire Lamont and Jo-Anne Stayner, there are currently two packages available: a standard and a premium.

The Standard package which includes access to all of the necessary government forms, as well as access to three additional forms of your choice from our database. The other option is the Premium package which includes access to all forms in the database including government, banks, credit cards, utility companies, and mortgage companies.

I’ve run this by some married and would-be married friends and they’re loving the idea. Thoughts?