Canadian Entrepreneur Wants to Sell House for Bitcoin Virtual Currency

A Canadian man has listed his two-bedroom house in a small Alberta town for $405,000. And while he’ll take money, he’d prefer a virtual currency: bitcoins.

Taylor More, who confessed his family was shocked by his decision, will net approximately 6,000 Bitcoins should someone pay close to asking with the vitual currency. The self-described entrepreneur told BBC News that he has “a couple projects” he wants to start, and that those projects—which he declined to elaborate on—”will take a lot of bitcoins.”

The bitcoin, created in 2009, is a digital currency that acts as an internet-era alternative to standard currencies such as the dollar. They do not exist physically, and their worth is determined purely through supply and demand.

Instead, they exist in a purely electronic world and their worth is determined democratically through pure supply and demand.