Canadian Small Business Owners Hustling Hard Because It’s Worth It, Survey Says

The world’s small and medium business owners have contributed $11.1 trillion to the global economy by working beyond the standard industry hours for their businesses, according to a new global survey. Canadian small and medium businesses have contributed nearly $281 billion of that impact.

Yet Canadian small business owners are working less than their global counterparts, according to the recent small business survey conducted by Sage. Sixty per cent of Canadians work 40 hours or less each week, compared to 52% of SMBs across the globe. By working smarter, not harder, Canadians are squeezing more out of their work day.

Canadians also embrace an entrepreneurial spirit: 91% started their business from the ground up, and in true hustling fashion, 18% have taken zero holidays over the last year. To further that point, 50% of SMBs have taken a call while on vacation, and 28% have cancelled a date because of work—but 64% say working extra hours is worth it.

“We know it takes hard work and sacrifice to turn a dream business idea into a way of life,” Stephen Kelly, CEO of Sage said.” This survey highlights the extent of that commitment.”