Canadian Startup Achievers Brings Bi-Monthly ‘Tech Talks’ to Toronto

Canadian software startup Achievers is continuing delivering its bi-monthly “Tech Talks” to the Toronto technology community.

Similar to Facebook’s Engineering Tech Talks, Achievers’ events are “designed to bring developers and managers together to share best practices and to provide hands-on engineering advice.” Achievers says that these events are ideal for developers looking to learn new programs or industry knowledge, network, or learn about possible career opportunities.

The SaaS startup is the only pre-IPO company funded by Sequioia Capital in Canada. Sequoia funds the likes of Apple, Google, and Oracle.

Achievers’ chief technology officer, Dr. Aris Zakinthinos, who was named one of InfoWorld’s Top 25 CTOs, leads the Tech Talks.

Past topics have included PHP Framework Debate, Journey from Java to PHP, and Optimizing MySQL Queries. The next Tech Talk is scheduled for Wednesday, August 8.