Canadian Startup Can I Pay Less Optimizes Your Credit Card Rewards

If you struggle to pay down your debts, you probably loathe ever signing up for a credit card. But for those of us able to pay our bills off in full every month, credit cards represent an opportunity to rack up free cash and other goods (at, in essence, the expense of those paying 20% interest).

The only trouble with using credit cards for rewards is finding the perfect one (or ones) to maximize the bang for our buck. Canadian startup Can I Play Less has now made that task significantly easier.

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Founded in Ottawa by Benson Wong, the four-man startup is simple in every meaning of the word: it’s a basic site where you punch in a few numbers and are told the best credit cards to maximize rewards based on your monthly spending. It even compares its optimized plan with your current roster of plastic. No muss, no fuss.

“We make credit cards simple by converting any confusing rules or points to dollar value so the focus is on real money,” explains Wong. “And we are the first site to compare multiple reward credit cards and how they can work together.”

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Users estimate their monthly spending on various things, such as gas, restaurants, bills, and groceries. They can also select preferences such as cash, merchandise, or flights, as well as hand-select banks, among other optional preferences. Plus, the site always offers several different card combos, ranked by net annual rewards. If you like a credit card suggested to you, Can I Pay Less offers a link straight to the online application page, which is a golden opportunity for the startup to monetize through referrals.