Canadian Startup CardSwap Among First to Use Apple’s Passbook

The recently released iPhone 5 and iOS 6 operating system highlighted Apple Passbook as an innovative new feature, promising to relieve users from “searching through your email or fumbling with paper printouts.”

However, as eager Canadian users have discovered, clicking on the Passbook icon often leaves you at a landing page where there isn’t much to do.

That is, until now. Toronto-based online gift card marketplace CardSwap has announced it has integrated its delivery platform directly with Apple’s Passbook. Now in pre-release, CardSwap members can register an activation code received with their purchase to seamlessly add and track all future gift card purchases directly into Apple Passbook.

According to CardSwap Founder Frances Ho, “Making our gift cards and rewards available on a user’s iPhone is a natural transition from physical cards to mobile devices.”

An additional feature of CardSwap’s Passbook-stored gift cards provides users details on the latest deals being offered by merchants—helping members to decide the best time to redeem their gift cards.

For now, most Canadian merchants still require the physical plastic gift card for in-store redemption. However, the launch of Apple Passbook and CardSwap’s integration services is a strong first step in leading Canada’s merchants to embrace the shift to the digital mobile wallet.