Canadian Startup Carves Social Network in Unexpected Niche

Facebook leads the way in social media by reaching a remarkable 43.6% of the Internet, according to the latest Alexa Internet traffic rankings report. However, there is room for niche networks as friends we added five years ago become older and less relevant to us, and as we want to keep things smaller and have different social groups.

Zach Sosa, cofounder of Calgary’s Oil and Gas ID, realizes there’s already a social network for pretty much everything—but thinks there’s still room for his.

Zach says that his inspiration came from the fact that there just were not very many options for the oil and gas industry when it came to industry specific networking. Oil and Gas ID aims to fix the “scattered industry information throughout the interwebs” problem by linking everything into one site.

“If we wanted to read about news we had to go to one site, if we wanted to find jobs we had to go to a different site, if we wanted to find products and services another site, and finally if we wanted to network and connect with people in our industry we had to go to yet again another site,” he explains.

The site now has 10,000 members worldwide since launching in February. It is most popular in the United States and Canada. Sosa says hundreds continue to join a day.

Oil and Gas ID is proving that there are other Canadian alternatives to LinkedIn. Social media power users already have more than 500 connections and 50 groups on the world’s most popular business networking site. As a result, there is a renewed need for niche social networks such as this one.