Canadian Startup Mobovivo Gets Reckless on the iPad with Adrian Grenier

Actor and indie producer Adrian Grenier is working with Mobovivo to launch Reckless Adrian Grenier, an actor-branded social television app for mobile. Mobovivo, which has offices in Calgary and Toronto, is utilzing its social TV and video app technology to deliver interactive features on the app, such as social sharing and scenes from the red carpet.

“Television can be an incredibly stimulating medium, but that doesn’t seem to be enough,” says Adrian. “By engaging and interacting with fans on any screen, artists and producers can create a great movie, and share it with fans, sooner.”

“Brands that get in front of the consumer on the most valuable screen real estate since Ted Turner created CNN will win,” says Doerksen. “This goes way beyond the ‘Directors Cut’—by the end of 2012, every new DVD will come with a second screen app.”

The app is free. All in-app purchases go to the SHFT initiative.