Canadian Startup Launches First Open Platform for Car Apps

Yesterday Vancouver’s (pronounced mo-jee-o) announced its formal launch on Indiegogo. And anybody with teenage drivers under the roof should take note.

According to their announcement, is the first open platform for car apps. The device installs into the onboard diagnostics port of any car enabling real-time communication with smart phone apps for consumers, service providers, and automotive retailers.

The device uses the cellular network to connect your car to the internet, apps on your phone and just about anything else you can think of. works on T-Mobile’s nationwide machine-to-machine network in the US and Rogers in Canada.

The company’s core offering delivers automated location-based services designed with driver safety and convenience in mind. Parents of teenagers will be particulariy interested in the FamilyConnect and DriveSmart apps.

FamilyConnect lets users set a top speed and safe driving zone for the young drivers in your family and notifies you instantly when they exceed either. Turn on the DriveSmart feature and will disable texts and phone calls on yours or your teenage drivers’ smart phone until the car is in park or the parking brake is engaged. also announced the appointment of Bill Weihl to its team of advisors. Weihl is a sustainability manager at Facebook, and was previously the chief energy czar at Google.

Check out the Indiegogo campaign here.