Canadian Startup Launches Social Marketing Platform

Toronto-based announced yesterday the launch of its social marketing platform.

The Canadian startup enables businesses to expand the distribution of their social media by leveraging the connections of their fans, followers, employees and other social media accounts that are not centrally managed.

“We are very excited about the launch of and are very pleased with the traction that we are seeing right out of the gate,” said Mike Cunningham, the company’s chief executive officer.

“Supporters of a particular business, whether they are employees or followers, are your best asset when it comes to spreading your message. helps put this inherent support to work by allowing businesses to request the sharing of social media on Facebook and Twitter.”

According to him, is one of the first social media management platforms that actively grows social following and increases the social reach of content organically by putting relevant content in front of actual live people—not bots, which we now know are everywhere.

“There are lots of great social media managers out there and they are very good at increasing the effectiveness of social campaigns, publishing across platforms, and on the analytics side,” explains Cunningham. “We are different in that we go beyond the creation, management, and reporting of social campaigns and instead focus on increasing the conversion rate of a larger audience. It’s a great complimentary product that adds a shot of steroids to your social media campaign.”

While the concept is very simple, he says, the platform can be embedded into the core function of a website. Therefore businesses can utilize to turn users into social marketers by incentivizing them, such as through discounts, to become followers or to share social content.

“ is truly taking social media marketing to a new level by enabling businesses to drive follower acquisition from their core online business activity as opposed to simply putting up a few social media buttons here and there,” affirms Mike. is the first product from FeedSeed Social Reader.