Canadian Startup Wants to Black Box Your Sex Toys

Monthly subscription services are nothing new—they’ve existed for decades. But with heavy funding, built-in profits and endless variety, subscription service startups are becoming more and more popular on the web.

Subscription services include everything from beauty products for ladies.

A Vancouver startup is looking to appeal to both sexes with a new service called Founded by Kim Kaplan (previously of PlentyofFish and Offeron), LuvMyBox delivers a monthly black box focused on romance for couples (read: sex toys).

Want to spice up your love life?Add a little kink to the bedroom? Luvmybox is the newest subscription service that curates boxes with adult oriented products. Experience something new each month as we send you fun and flirty items in discreet packages direct to your home. Luvmybox is perfect for couples wanting a little extra, for those who are a bit shy of visiting sex shops, or for the curious! From the racy to the romantic we will send you something different every month, so don’t be shy!

Sex shops and porn peddlers have been using brown boxes and kraft paper to discreetly deliver their wares for year. Perhaps with the recent influx of Fifty Shades of Grey erotica and the appeal of services like Birchbox its time that the delivery method gets a little classier.