Canadian Startups Collide in Las Vegas

From the team behind Web Summit, Collision returns to Downtown Las Vegas  May 5 and 6.

Web Summit’s American cousin has been dubbed the “fastest growing conference in the US” and this year Collision will feature over 1,000 startups. Not surprisely a fair number of those 1,000 startups will hail from north of the border.

Last week Collison organizers announced that 43 startups from the “land of Canada” have been selected to exhibit at Collison. And many of them will be familar to our readers.

Vancouver’s bazinga! was a Techvibes 20 company in August of 2014 and has been referred to as the Facebook for condo owners. Bazinga! provides software solutions for managing condominium communities and fostering interaction between community members. 

Toronto’s Vanhawks began their journey on Kickstarter and won Techvibes’ 2014 Accelerator Graduate of the Year award. The FounderFuel grad is fundamentally rethinking urban transportation and cycling with a carbon fiber bike that can connect to a smartphone.

Montreal’s Heddoko was named to the inaugural GoToMeeting Five after being named a finalist in the Smart Clothing category at the Innovation World Cup in Munich. This smart garment startup uses motion capture sensors to fine-tune your movements while wearing their sportswear.

There is also a couple that have been under-the-radar to date including Toronto’s Mirens and Homies.

Mirens is a furniture crowdsourcing platform that gives designers the chance to share their designs with the masses. Homies wants to make make managing real estate simple and change how the owners rent, sell and manage properties. They’ve built something to help teams organise and streamline their workflow, allowing them to work smarter.