Canadian Technology Can Find You the Perfect Clothing Fit in 10 Seconds

The only significant downside to shopping for clothes online is the uncertainty of fit. Unless it’s a store whose sizes you’re familiar with, ordering outfits online is always a gamble.

The downside is comparable to the frustrations of bricks-and-mortar endeavours: you bring 10 items into a change room, spend 20 minutes trying them all on, and only end up with one that fits right. Why can’t clothes ever feel made just for us?

Enter Me-ality, a brand of body scanners owned by Canadian company Unique Solutions. Me-ality can scan your body and 10 seconds later provide your exact measurements, matching your precise body type to perfectly fitting clothes. Using an incredible 200,000 data points, this technology is a way to turn off-the-rack garments into seemingly custom-tailored pieces.



800,000 people have been scanned by Me-ality in the US. But despite Unique’s headquarters being in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, the scanners are currently located only in the US. There is just one Canadian one, tucked quietly inside of Unique’s headquarters.

It’s not certain how Me-ality and competing scanning companies will make money. One suggested option is to manufacture clothes themselves, moulded to statistically common fits and body shapes. A simpler but less lucrative option is to take commissions from retail partners who get hooked up with new customers who just got scan-n-fitted.

There are also flaws, such as how people’s body shapes change. And a scan doesn’t change the fact that many consumers have body types that virtually no off-the-rack retail brands size their clothing for.

Still, as this technology advances we become one step closer to seriously boosting the viability of e-commerce. And considering the space is already exploding on its own, this supplemental tech could take online shopping to a new level.