Canadian Teens Increasingly Paying For Music Downloads

According to the most recent Ipsos Canadian Inter@ctive Reid Report, Canadian teenagers are increasingly choosing to pay for music downloads, while fewer are pirating music for free.

Results of the study show that 76% of Canadian teens have used a fee-based website, such as iTunes, to download music. This is significantly greater than the 52% who downloaded paid music back in 2009.

At the same time, far fewer teens are downloading music for free. Four in ten (40%) have used peer-to-peer service websites, such as torrent sites, to download music files for free, which is a significant decrease compared to the 74% who downloaded music for free in 2009.

When asked about their feelings towards downloading music through peer-to-peer services, one in five teens (21%) indicate they feel guilty about it, while a greater proportion (35%) don’t; the largest group (44%) feel neutral on the matter. This ambiguity is likely the result of uncertainty about the current laws around downloading copyrighted content in Canada.

In a related question, fully half (52%) of teens are unsure how they feel about the current laws, while one third (34%) believe the laws are fair. Only 14% feel the laws are unfair.