Canadian Videogame Awards Moving to Toronto After Four Years in Vancouver

The Canadian Videogame Awards will be held in Toronto next spring.

The awards have been held in Vancouver every year since their inception four years ago. However, event organizers say that the awards were designed to be held in different cities across Canada.

“This is a truly Canadian show, celebrating the exceptional talent in our country, and from the beginning we have said we would like to hold the CVAs in cities across Canada,” says Gregory Spievak, CEO of Reboot Communications and co-founder of the Canadian Videogame Awards.

“We have developed wonderful relationships with studios across the country and are delighted with the warm welcome Toronto has given us so far,” he added.

There’s no location set for 2015, but a likely option is Montreal, the third of Canada’s three main videogame hubs.

“So many incredible video games are made in this country every year, and we’d like Canadians to recognize that,” says Victor Lucas, co-host and executive producer of The Electric Playground and Reviews on the Run, and CVA co-founder. “As the third largest developer of videogames in the world, this show celebrates Canada’s place as a world leader in this industry.”