Canadian Wins Novice Category for uTest’s Bug Battle

I can now admit that I hated bug testing at Nowpublic (sorry, Mike), however I now realize how important (obviously) it is.  That’s probably why uTest, a startup that outsources it’s QA testing held yet another Bug Battle. Hundreds participated and there is also a Canadian connection.  Evan Dinsmore won the Novice category.  

The uTest community submitted some really great bugs and feedback for this competition and picking winners from such a great list of submissions was incredibly difficult. Our community really knows their stuff, and we were all amazed at the incredible quality and quantity of bugs that were submitted.

There were approximately 243 bugs found on Facebook, 250 bugs found on LinkedIn and 225 bugs found on Myspace.  “Interesting” findings will be announced tomorrow, but today we know that Evan found the Best Bug on Facebook.  He takes home $750, not sure if that’s CAD or USD.  Probably does not matter right now.