Canadian Wireless Trade Show a Source of Valuable Insight

The past few months have been turbulent ones in Canada’s wireless market. The threat of US telecommunications giant Verizon entering Canada saw our Big Three incumbents Rogers, Telus, and Bell lobby the government for new rules. Corporations, entrepreneurs, and consumers were all deeply involved in a controversial conversation that is still far from over.

The dust hasn’t settled, but the turbluence has made at least one thing clear: Canadians are passionate about their wireless market.

This is why an event like the Canadian Wireless Trade Show, which takes place in the Toronto Congress Centre from September 25 to 26, is more important and valuable than ever. Founded in 2011, the Canadian Wireless Trade Show is Canada’s leading source for networking events in the mobile and wireless industry.

Speakers at the Canadian Wireless Trade Show this year include Microsoft’s Anthony Bartolo who will cover Bring Your Own Device Basics and Google’s Richard Trinder on Today’s Wireless Shopper. Overall, attendees will walk away from this event knowing a lot more about the wireless market they care so passionately for.

Learn more about the CWTS or register online here.