60% of Canadian Workers Take Business Calls in the Bathroom, Survey Finds

On a business call? If you’re not in the bathroom, odds are the person on the other end of the line probably is.

According to a new survey from Epson Canada, 60% of Canadian professionals have taken a business call in the bathroom. The details of this statistic we don’t want to know. The same survey also says that 7% of us have taken a business call at a funeral or wedding, and 29% of us have taken work-related calls from bed.


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The survey, which polled 5,000 Epson customers, surprised no one with results that show social media is the biggest source of procrastination at work, distracting 38% of Canadian workers. Facebook was the biggest culprit among guilty social networks.


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Oh, and just so we know: 36% of Canadian men identify with Superman at work; 23% identify with Iron Man; and 15% identify with Thor, according to the data. Women are most likely to identify with Wonder Woman.

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