Canadian Youth Worried About Future as Political Leaders Stress Bi-Partisanship

United States President Barack Obama delivered a State of the Union address Tuesday night. He will act, if Congress does not, on climate change in order to protect future generations. Obama encouraged bi-partisanship many times. Ontario’s recently sworn-in Premier Kathleen Wynne is also encouraging the latter, as she leads a minority government.

“Complex times require thoughtful, collaborative solutions,” said Premier Kathleen Wynne. “We can’t speak about issues in isolation from each other.”

One should consider Sir Isaac Newton’s famous third law of motion: “To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction.” Canadians who have become engrossed in the ever popular original Netflix series House of Cards will certainly learn that lesson in watching the show. It may be one of the reasons the political drama is the most viewed piece of Netflix content in Canada, as Techvibes reports.

Ted Sarandos is quoted as saying “the goal is to become HBO faster than HBO can become us.”

The entertainment industry is attempting to stay relevant to viewers by releasing entire series at once, much like how musicians release entire albums. Given the sheer amount of new music released in the last six weeks, which has included the release of very honest music from the likes of Canadian performers like Drake and Justin Bieber, the Grammys last Sunday were the second most viewed ever. The only other year it has been bigger was 1993, when the PC revolution was on the verge of beginning.

The English-based Muse’s number one hit Madness has topped the alternative music charts in the United States for a record-shattering 19 straight weeks. Bell Canada’s annual Let’s Talk Day about mental health Wednesday came at a truthful time, as 500,000 Canadians take leave of absence from work due to mental health issues a day. 

The Globe and Mail released a rare study on Canadian teenagers from grade seven to 12. It indicates 73% of 103,000 Toronto students polled are worried about the future. Mental health, widely reported across the Canadian mainstream media in January, is becoming the new health epidemic of our time. Teenagers and youth alike will appreciate the White House released a promotional video of their “enhanced” State of the Union address on YouTube, with the electronic dance music genre dubstep.



Still, it is increasingly important to piece together a variety of perspectives from different experts, governments and industries around the world. Corporations only have so many thousands of employees, so it was suggested they need to rely more on their extended online communities at FFWD Advertising Week.

One of the leading companies in the world at this is Procter & Gamble, according to Anthony D. Williams, who spoke at the conference and is one of the authors of Macrowikinomics: New Solutions for a Connected Planet. P&G was flat-lining several years ago as a company before they embraced the Internet and the collaboration of ideas. They now have over 1.8 million people engaged into discussing innovative ideas and the problems they need to solve

It shows the power of going beyond just the people that work at your company. In essence, social production can become social business. More companies need to find ways to leverage their existing social media audience bases.

A George Brown College study I reported on earlier this year suggested that more corporations need to invest in colleges rather than universities. Students are getting more jobs when they go to college rather than university today.

Given high school being set up in Ontario where the academic stream generally goes to university and the applied stream to college or the workforce, it appears the education system needs reform. Unfortunately, CBC’s documentary on Generation Jobless said Ontario’s post-secondary institutions have not been required to report enrollments and dropouts in programs.

With Ontario having the broadest amount of programs of any province in Canada, allowing for the most unique skill sets in the country, this does not bode well for the imminent future. Without those numbers, it is more difficult to determine just how to tackle post-secondary needs across the province. At the very least, students are getting 30% off their tuition, as they are likely having to pursue more than a standard four-year university degree and youth jobs are hard to come by.

It is no wondering then Clayton Christensen, widely respected as the man who wrote the book on technological disruption, says academia may die soon in a recent Silicon Valley Insider post.

The Internet will likely to continue to enlighten us as information technology and media evolves, just as the enhanced State of the Union version did with a split-screen approach.

After all, it allows us to understand the President’s hour-long speech much better.