Canadians don’t care for Christmas emails; the non-digital tradition still stands strong

Even though Canadians love reading ebooks on their ereaders, love playing games on their smartphones, and love surfing the web on their tablets… they don’t like Christmas emails.

In what is one of the few remaining traditions yet to transition into the digital age, a recent survey suggests that distributing Christmas cards to friends and family must still be done the old-fashioned way.

Conducted on behalf of Canada post, the survey revealed that Canadians sell send an average of more than 15 cards this season, and a remarkably high 80 percent of respondents carried a strong preference for receiving cards in the mailbox versus the inbox. In fact, thats actually 10 percent more than last year, completely tearing the trend of an increasingly digital age.

Perphaps because Christmas is a holiday so thoroughly steeped in old-fashioned tradition, Canadians aren’t quite ready to let technology take over.

Though even these old-fashioned Canadians will still be smiling when all their presents are ereaders, smartphones, and tablets.

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