SurveyCompare Now Lets Canadians Earn Cash for Filling out Surveys

SurveyCompare is now open to Canadians.

Founded in the UK three years ago, SurveyCompare is a website that gives visitors opportunities to earn money doing market research surveys.

The company partners with companies such as Opinion Outpost and Web Perspectives, who are hired to conduct market research on behalf of all kinds of brands. Feedback from the surveys is used by companies to develop new products. Survey takes, referred to as panelists, effectively tell these companies where demand lies, and what should be produced. Panelists earn cash or gift cards for major retailers; individual surveys can be worth up to $5 each, or $20 in gift cards.

“It makes us very glad to bring SurveyCompare to Canada, and we’re looking forward to helping a lot more people earn a few extra loonies per week, at whatever hour of the day or night suits them,” says Agnese Geka, who runs the network. “I’m proud to say that our panelists have an amazing reputation. They are among the best in the market research world and come from all backgrounds. We welcome everyone from stay-at-home moms to students, senior citizens, and people with reduced mobility.”