Canadians Embrace Remote Working, Investment in Training Lags

More and more Canadian businesses are embracing remote working.

New research by global workplace provider Regus reveals that three out of four Canadian firms say senior management is more productive when they can work flexibly, and 63 per cent report that businesses in their sector are using flexible working as a key way to retain and attract top staff.

Not only is flexible working becoming more widely accepted, but the importance managers put on time physically spent in the office is waning, with 3 out of 4 companies shifting their focus from total office hours, to measuring an individual’s output with results-based assessment, according to Regus.

 “The huge cultural shift in the workplace towards flexible working continues to grow, and this latest research shows that Canadian businesses are embracing this change,” said Wayne Berger, VP Regus Canada. “With improved productivity, better staff retention and lower operating costs at stake, implementing successful remote management processes can bring huge benefits.”

64% already manage an individual or team remotely, though only 42% of Canadian firms have put training in place.

“Few firms are investing in training for the transition from fixed office workforce to mobile workforce, which could make the transition happen more smoothly, and make work more productive in the long run,” Berger noted.

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