Canadians Embracing E-commerce in Record Numbers but Remain Budget Conscious

Three in four Canadians will be heading online to purchase gifts this holiday season, as more Canadians embrace e-commerce and seek to avoid the crowds during retail’s busiest time of the year.

According to this year’s Holiday eCommerce survey commissioned by Visa Canada, e-commerce transactions by Canadians exceeded one hundred million dollars on 233 days in the last 12 months, suggesting that while the holidays may boost online spending, Canadians are nowadays shopping online throughout the entire year.

The survey also revealed that almost 50% of Canadians expect to spend between $100 and $499 online, while 16% plan to spend more. On average, Canadians will spend approximately 30% of their holiday shopping budget on online purchases.

Albertans intend to spend the most online for the holidays (average $319) while British Columbians are planning to spend the least (average $196).