Canadians engaging with more online video than Americans or Brits

Canadians lead the internet pack yet again.

Maybe it’s because we’re otherwise bored stiff from playing with penguins outside of arctic igloos, but ew Angus Reid Public Opinion poll suggests that Canadians are more into most aspects of the web than the chubby Americans or snobby Brits. (Kidding, of course—I love the British.) Here’s how we stack up in various areas of internet usage:

Who doesn’t visit sites like YouTube at least once a week? Apparently, 40 percent of Britons and 35 percent of Americans, numbers greater than Canadians (30 percent). And Canadians are more likely to visit these sites daily (shame on us?) at 16 percent, versus just 12 and 9 for Americans and Brits.

Canadians also viewed more user-generated content, but Britons used video-sharing sites much more to watch scenes from television, as well as sports highlights.

So, who likes to share? Not our neighbours: While only half of Britons and less than three-in-five Americans who visit video-sharing websites say they have forwarded a video link to a co-worker, friend or relative, more than two thirds of Canadians have done as much.

Canadians are indubitably addicted to the internet, soul-bindingly tethered to user-generated content, and co-dependently relying on others’ to constantly feed them a supply of fresh content. 

And we like it that way.