Canadians Lack ‘Grit’ Necessary for Innovation Compared to Americans, Report Finds

A new study released by the Impact Centre at the University of Toronto has shown that Canadians lag behind their American counterparts in their attitudes toward innovation.

The findings show that Americans have a greater willingness to take risks. The report also suggests Canadians are less concerned with earning a lot of money. The study also revealed Canadians lack grit when compared with Americans.

To innovate successfully, individuals must be willing to take risks, the researchers say. Risk taking must be encouraged in personal actions and in the workplace. Individuals are less likely to engage in innovative behaviour without encouragement and support from their peers and managers.

Attitudes matter because they set the tone. Attitudes can permeate from an individual to larger social networks and govern the organizations and businesses in which these individuals participate. If these attitudes are negative and are hampering our progress, then there may be something we can do to spark changes in our cultural views on innovation.

“The Impact Centre is undertaking research to understand why we lag much of the developed world in our capacity to innovate,” said study author and Impact Centre Senior Fellow Charles Plant.