One in Nine Canadian Smartphone Owners Use Music Streaming App Songza

Streaming music app Songza has taken Canada by storm ever since its launch in August of last year where it topped the iPhone App Store charts and has remained in the Top 30 ever since. The New York-based company just announced their six-millionth download this week and to celebrate, they have released a new version of their app.

If you have a smartphone and haven’t heard or downloaded Songza you are in the minority. Songza says that Canadians make up a large portion of their user base —40% of their 4.7 million active users. If we look at the number of Canadians that have smartphones in comparison to this user base, this translates to 1 in 9 Canadian smartphone owners, a pretty remarkable number.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Canadians make up a sizeable portion of Songza’s users. According to a recent Media Technology Monitor report, 59% of Anglophones and 46% of Francophones said that they listen to streaming audio. But most of us want to access this service for free which Songza’s service is. In fact, a report released by the Department of Canadian Heritage suggested that only 25% of us would pay for audio streaming services.

Unfortunately for Canada (and fortunately for Songza) many of the larger players in the streaming music space, Spotify and Pandora to name a few, have yet to launch. This leaves Canadians with fewer options than our American counterparts.

But even amongst the few options we do have in Canada, Songza is dominating from a chart perspective. Songza consistently sits within the Top 30 of the Top Free iPhone App Chart with its peak at the number one spot. Competitor app Rdio has only been able to reach #62 while HMV’s The Vault has yet to rank on this chart at all, according to leading app analytics platform

What sets Songza apart from other music streaming services is its predictive feature that presents expertly curated playslists based on the time of day and activities (waking up, working, working out etc.). The app also allows you to select music by genre, decade and mood.

Interestingly enough, if we were to gauge how we Canadians are doing based on Songza moods, we seem to be in a pretty good state of mind. According to cofounder Elias Roman, the top three mood selections in Canada right now are: happy, mellow, and energetic.

Songza’s latest app release, version 3.0, was released yesterday. The release brings six major updates to their app including long pressing on a situation to instantly play a playlist; shaking the app to quickly enter what you are doing; and the ability to search for playlists by artist. The update also features a new HQ Audio feature powered by Audyssey that improves the quality of the music without increasing your data plan usage.

Songza 3.0 is available now as a free download on the App Store for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.