Canadians love to multi-task

The Canadian Internet Project (CIP) released a report today from the second phase of their study on Canadian Internet habits. The research project offers insight into changing Internet habits, media consumption, and family interactions. According to the study, Canadian Internet users are multi-tasking more and spending more time online while not dramatically changing their other media habits. Multi-tasking more – way to go Canada!

Three in four Canadians Internet users (76 percent) say they engage in another activity while online. Multi-tasking is most common among youth (89 percent) and those aged 18-29 (91 percent). Talking on the telephone or cell phone was selected by 44 percent as the most popular activity while using the Internet followed by listening to music or the radio (35 percent) or watching television (32 percent).

The comprehensive survey of more than 3,100 Canadians (12 years and older), examined their use of the Internet, conventional media and emerging technologies. This second installment offers insight into both new and conventional media use in Canada, as well as the socio-economic and cultural impact the Internet is having on Canadians. CIP conducted its first national survey in 2004 and published a baseline report, Canada Online!