Canadians Losing Tolerance for Poor Mobile Experiences, Study Finds

The vast majority (79%) of Canadian smartphone owners these days expect good mobile experiences from the brands they like, according to a Smartpohone Insights Report by mobile agency iamota and Insights West.

Deliver this experience, and you’re golden. Fall short, and your customers are apt to betray you.

Smartphone users spend an average of nearly two hours on their device per day and their demands of mobile experiences are increasing. According to the report, 54% think less of brands that provide poor mobile experiences and 54% are also more likely to do business with companies that provide thoughtful mobile experiences.

These numbers matter, because half of all smartphone owners in Canada have bought something on their smartphone, and 40% actually wish they could buy more—but are limited by poor mobile experiences.

“Smartphone owners’ expectations have shifted,” the report says. “They have less tolerance for poor mobile experiences provided by brands they interact with.”

“Providing customers with a high quality and engaging mobile experience has moved from a nice to have to a need to have for brands in today’s marketplace,” says Pete Smyth, CEO of iamota. “Brands need to keep pace with consumers and need to shift from doing mobile to disrupting and differentiating with mobile, or risk losing business to a competitor that’s doing it right.”

“The big surprise in this survey was how quickly consumers have taken to mobile and their heightened expectations from brands,” adds Steve Mossop, CEO of Insights West. “Given owners’ dedication to their devices, consumers’ expectations for the availability and quality of mobile interactions with brands will likely continue to grow, particularly with brands they like and trust.”


Infographic: iamota