Canadians Need More Internet Skills, Poll Suggests

Canadians believe more Internet-related skills could boost worker productivity.

According to a new poll from .CA Community Investment Program and Ipsos Reid, there is a “significant national consensus on the positive role that the Internet can have on Canada’s economic and social well-being.”

90% of Canadians pointed to the importance of supporting unemployed workers with training in new technology and 78% of respondents agree that Canadian workers overall would be more productive if they had more skills related to technology and the Internet.

“This study confirms that Canadians have high expectations for the value of the Internet to Canada’s social and economic fabric,” said David Fowler, Director of Communications and Marketing for .CA.

82% of respondents agree that all young people should graduate from high school with basic skills to help them succeed in the digital economy, such as computer coding skills. 90% of Canadians also endorsed the role that math and science skills have in supporting economic growth.

87% of respondents agree that promoting better Internet access is important for Canada’s economy.

This year CIRA will distribute $1 million to projects working on the ground to deploy solutions to meet the challenges raised in this study.”