Canadians Not Done Holiday Shopping Yet, Looking Forward to Boxing Day

With 10 days to Christmas, Canadians have completed less than half of their holiday shopping.

A recent study from Google Canada and Ipsos reveals the average Canadian still intending to spend $336 (and a total of $604).

Digital is the preferred channel for holiday shopping. Thirty-three per cent of Canadians have done a smartphone search, 37 per cent have browsed a digital flyer, 59 per cent have done a desktop search and 72 per cent have made a website visit to aid holiday shopping. By comparison, 60 per cent viewed a paper flyer and 66 per cent visited a physical store, according to the study.

Smartphones have become the go-to for all steps in the path to purchase, from inspiration to research to purchasing. Globally, shopping-related searches on mobile have grown more than 120 per cent year-over-year.  In the past two days, 1 in 3 holiday shoppers have used their smartphone to research products and services, according to the study.

Apps have become an additional toolkit for shoppers with 44 per cent of Canadians using mobile apps as part of their holiday shopping experience. Twenty-one per cent of those app are retailer apps, and 23 per cent of apps are flyer apps.

Even if their holiday shopping list is less than halfway complete, Canadians already have a strong appetite for Boxing Day. Despite the success of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Boxing Day remains a significant shopping day in Canada and, according to Google Search trends, interest is higher than ever before, according to the study. Google searches for Boxing Day in Canada are at an 11-year high, with searches starting to rise as early as November. 40% of Boxing Week searches in 2014 in Canada happened on smartphones.