Canadians Not Embracing Mobile Technology as Fast as US and Europe: Survey

Canadians may be the world’s most avid users of the internet but when it comes to mobile adoption, we’re lagging our US counterparts.

According to a recent study from digital coupon marketplace RetailMeNot, Americans are more likely to use smartphones to shop than Canadians (53% versus 47%). Canadians are also less likely to shop on their tablets than Americans (35% versus 47%).

“Canadians are still lagging the US and Europe when it comes to embracing mobile technology,” says Josh Harding, vice president of global operations for RetailMeNot.

It seems that Canadians are playing safe, and they’re also being savvy: 83% of Canadians use computers to find the best deals on products, and they’re also demanding more from retailers, such as extra discounts, opportunities to pick up online orders at stores to avoid shipping costs, and easier cross-border comparison shopping.

18% of Canadians plan to shop more online this year while 20% don’t expect to buy anything online in 2014, according to the survey. Meanwhile, 20% want retailers to do a better job creating a seamless experience shopping in-store, online and mobile.