Canadians Plan to Spend Less This Holiday Season, Not Fully Embracing Ecommerce

Canadian shoppers plan to buy less this holiday season than they did in 2014, according to new research from SAS, an analytics firm.

One in five Canadians surveyed saying they will spend less than last year, a higher number than in the US or the UK.

“Our data shows consumers are motivated the most by price in 2015,” said Shawn Smith, SAS Retail Solutions Specialist for SAS Canada.

Not only are Canadians planning to spend less this year, but they’re also shopping around the holiday discount cycle, planning to buy gifts when the best deals are available, according to SAS. Nearly a quarter (22 per cent) of those surveyed saying they’re likely to shop on Black Friday and 17 per on Cyber Monday. That pales in comparison to the US, though, where 39 per cent say they’re planning to shop on Black Friday and 38 per cent on Cyber Monday.

While online retail has grown in recent years, for many Canadians holiday shopping means shopping in a store. In fact, SAS research found that 82% per cent of Canadians surveyed say they plan to shop in-store this holiday season, versus 87 per cent of Americans and 79 per cent of respondents in the U.K, according to SAS.

While Canadians are planning to spend time in brick and mortar retailers this holiday season, they’re still focused on price. Discount retailers are the top choice for Canadians surveyed when asked what type of store they plan to shop for gifts.