Canadians Not Loyal to Mobile Apps, Study Suggests

Consumers are loading up on apps but they’re only using a select few on a regular basis, a new study suggests.

New LoyaltyOne research on mobile app usage reveals that although, on average, Canadian smartphone users download 25 apps, but only five of those apps are used daily—the average app has only about an 18% chance of staying on a consumer’s main screen.

When asked specifically what benefits users are looking for from apps, respondents cited apps that “stretch my spending power,” “helps me take better care of my finances,” and “entertains me,” among other reasons.

“The most successful mobile app offers consumers four things: convenience, savings, entertainment, and is simple to use,” says Jeff Berry, Senior Director of Research and Development at LoyaltyOne. “Creating an app can be a substantial investment for companies, but it’s important to remember that consumers are looking for apps that deliver relevant offers and helpful information to them.”

“It’s tempting to use the intimacy of mobile to push promotions directly to the consumer, but not only does that risk becoming annoying, it trains customers to think of their relationship with your brand as consisting primarily of offers and discounts,” continues Berry. “Apps can help you identify your best customers, strengthen their brand relationships and increase transactions, but only if you pull the most effective levers and incentivize the right behavior.”