Canadians Pay 5 cents to Have Photos Printed and Sent to Them, the Canadian online photo printing service, has announced on Friday the launch of their new online photo service which offers Canadians (with the exception of Quebecers) 4 x 6 prints for only 5 cents a print — the lowest online price in Canada. Using their streamlined service, customers can upload hi-resolution images, order prints, posters, and photobooks on the spot, and receive them via Canada Post Express Mail within 3-7 business days.

Remember when we used to take a roll of film to a store and pay $30 to have it developed for us over a few days? And spending days picking and arranging your favourites into an album from piles on the floor? Five cents a print? Forget about it. It’s hard not to think that this will be the way all domestic photo prints will soon be made.

The Toronto-based company says it has put together a new, innovative system that enables direct-to-print server workflow, high speed production printing, and high tech production efficiency processes that allows it to provide such cost effective service.