Canadians Really Like Big TVs. And it Looks Like Plasma is Making a Comeback, Too

Americans may average more televisions per household than any other country in the world. But Canadians fancy the boob tube in their own right too. Here, we’re going for size over quantity, gobbling up the biggest TVs we can find. And they just keep getting bigger.

According to new analyses from market research firm NPD Group, that sales of 60-inch models were “exceptional,” driving “significant unit and dollar growth” in Canada in 2011. And it appears that the plasma screen, in recent times pushed to the back of the crowd by LED and LCD screens, is making a bit of a comeback: its growth outpaced all other screen types, perhaps because it tends to be the best for truly massive home television screens.

“Products within the technology industry evolve rapidly, encouraging Canadians to seek out and purchase the latest versions of their favourite items,” said Mark Haar, director of Consumer Electronics, The NPD Group. “However, consumers are still very conscious of how they’re spending their money, with the most successful sales occurring when products offer unprecedented value or significant discounts.”

With that in mind, it’s no wonder TV sales remain strong. Prices for televisions have been dropping continuously for the past 10 years—what could be had for $5,000 a decade ago can now be had for under $1,000. Since 2010, prices have dropped an average of 17%.