Canadians are a Lot More Satisfied with Google Than Facebook, Poll Reveals

Despite mounting privacy concerns, Google has charmed the vast majority of Canadians.

91% of Canadians use Google, according to a poll conducted by Forum Research. The poll didn’t specify a particular Google product, meaning most participants would be referring to the search engine but some could also be referring to the social network Google+.

According to the research, 73% of Canadians who use Google are “very satisfied” with it.

The second most popular site listed on the poll was Facebook. 60% of Canadians said they use the site. However, just 31% of those users said they were very satisfied with Mark Zuckerberg’s social network.

22% of Canadians use Twitter and 21% use LinkedIn, Forum says.

But the study didn’t just target social networks: when asked about operating systems, 79% of respondents cited they mainly use Microsoft Windows for PC and 12% cited Apple’s Mac OS. But less than half of Windows users were very satisifed, while a full three-quarters of Mac users were.