79% of Canadians to Shop Online for Back-to-School This Year, Study Says

Four in five Canadians this year will be looking online during their back-to-school shopping sprees, a new study from Pollara Strategic Insights reveals.

The study, commissioned by Visa Canada, says that shoppers plan to spend an average of $325 in store and $163 online on items specifically related to back-to-school.

Why are Canadians leaning more and more toward e-commerce? 57% cite cheaper prices and 42% cite better sales and promotions as the main reasons for purchasing back-to-school items online.

Additionally, 87% of shoppers surveyed admitted to “showrooming“—the practice of looking at items in-store before buying them for less online—with 41% admitting to doing this often.

“Canadians are approaching the back-to-school season in a savvier way, looking online to help them get what they need for a price they’re willing to pay,” says Dan Arnold, Associate Vice-President, Pollara. “This emphasis on cost is underscored by the fact that 90 per cent of shoppers surveyed stated that they’ll be setting and following a back-to-school budget before going shopping.”

“Canadians are looking to make online purchases that match their budget and priorities,” says Ann-Marie McIntosh, Visa Canada. “Additionally, we’re seeing that Canadians are logging on to avoid the hassles associated with busy retail periods. Crowds and lineups continue to be the number one pet peeve when it comes to shopping for back-to-school.”