Canadians Shopping from Their Phones at Work, Restaurants, and Even Funerals

From shopping in mobile apps to tapping a contactless reader in the grocery store, consumers across North America are shopping in more ways than ever before.

According to a recent survey commissioned by MasterCard, titled “The Psyche of Shopping,” more than half (52%) of North American consumers say one of the top reasons for shopping online or via mobile device is the ease of checkout and information storing.

Nearly two out of five consumers in North America (37%) have shopped online or via mobile app in bed; 26% have shopped at work; and 24% have shopped in a bathroom. Heck, some have even shopped in restaurants (15%), in the shower (4%), and at a funeral (2%).

Shoppers are “turned off” when online commerce is not an option and may choose to buy elsewhere. Consumers have purposely chosen not to buy something when a retailer did not have an online payment option (68%), a mobile payment option (19%), or an in-app payment option (14%).