Canadians Spending Less Time Online, No Longer World’s Heaviest Internet Users

Canada’s are no longer the world’s heaviest internet users, according to a new report from comScore.

The average Canadian internet user clocked in 41.3 hours per month in the fourth quarter of 2012, the report reveals, down substantially from more than 45 hours in 2011. Which means that the US, whose citizens clocked 43 hours even, has taken our title.

However, Canadians did lead in pages viewed, viewing an average of more than 120 per day. And nearly 100% of all Canadians who use the internet – and there are almost 26 million of them – use the internet daily (99.5%). In terms of online video consumption, we rank second globally (behind the UK) with 291 videos spanning 25 hours watched per month.

According to comScore, 62% of Canadians now own smartphones, up 17% from 2011. BlackBerry owns roughly 20% of that market, while Apple accounts for more than one-third. On the social media front, Facebook remains the most popular network, followed by Twitter.

The report also revealed that online shopping sales grew 10% in 2012 in Canada, while online banking was up 5%.