Canadians to Stream HD Video of Earth from Space by late 2012

Yesterday space technology company MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. signed a $4.2 Million contract with Vancouver’s UrtheCast to install high-definition cameras on the International Space Station in late 2012.

The cameras will stream pictures and constant, near-live video to Earth for potential uses in education, environmental information, disaster monitoring and consumer-generated media.

As Scott Larson, President of UrtheCast, explains in yesterday’s release: “We are thrilled to have MDA as part of this project and to be able to add them to a team that already includes RSC Energia, Rutherford Appleton Labs in the UK, and the Russian Federal Space Agency. A project like this is obviously quite involved and complex, and MDA is the right partner. We look forward to working closely with them on a variety of fronts over the duration of this project.”

UrtheCast operates under a singular vision: to provide a high-resolution video data platform for internet users, app developers, educators, media outlets, government bodies, humanitarian relief organizations, and environmental monitoring services.

The two cameras — one medium and one high-resolution — will be installed by astronauts on the ISS. Once mounted, the cameras will stream near-live video and static imagery to Earth, and will provide extraordinary opportunities to view Earth in high-definition.

Techvibes sat down with UrtheCast’s Larson last summer at the GROW Conference and learned more about his vision for UrtheCast.