Canadians welcome to pitch at Under the Radar in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley’s Under the Radar conference is looking for the hottest new startups disrupting today’s market in major ways.

HOW UNDER THE RADAR WORKS: A handful of the industry’s most compelling startups are selected to present to experts and technology executives who are specifically looking to partner with and acquire new technologies.

For the sake of making it fun for all attendees and participants – it’s rolled out “American Idol” style. Depending on the companies we choose to present and the judges we choose to invite – categories are created and judges are placed according to what they’ve communicated to us as areas of interest.

If you’re a startup with a great offering, apply to present at the next Under the Radar Conference on November 9-10th. You’ll be following in the footsteps of the greats including LinkedIn,, and Wufoo.

While Under the Radar is NOT a funding event, in the past three years alone, 67% of the presenters have gone on to raise major funding and/or been acquired by companies such as Google, Yahoo!, Cisco, BT, Microsoft, Twitter, and Fox Interactive.

But wait, you’re a Canadian startup. There is no way you have a shot at being accepted.

Not true. Lucky for us, Under the Radar organizer Dealmaker Media is run by Canadian Debbie Landa.

Since 2007 Canadian startups Context.IO (DokDok), PhoneGap, Visibli, Fonolo, Indicee, LayerBoom, Cozimo, Lypp, QuickMobile, Talkster, HotHead Games, Calgoo, ConceptShare, FireStoker, Tungle, Mob4Hire, TorchMobile, Kontagent,, and SocialDeck have all participated.

Interested? Apply now.