Canadians Would Give Up Alcohol, Coffee, and Chocolate For the Internet

According to a recent survey conducted by Rogers Communications and Vision Critical, many Canadians would rather give up alcohol and coffee than the internet.  The Rogers Innovation Report, released this morning, reveals some very interesting facts about the insatiable appetite for technology that most Canadians have.

Robert Switzman, Senior Director of Emerging Business for Rogers Communications, explains the report’s findings: “The Internet is indispensable to us today and we have yet to see its full potential. From apps that monitor cholesterol to fridges that automatically order groceries, the Internet is becoming the backbone of all connections in the world around us, and will continue to evolve how we go about our daily lives.”

The report finds that an incredible 79% of those surveyed believe the internet improves their quality of life.  The numbers are truly unprecedented, with more than 92% of people using the internet regularly to consume media, use online banking, read the news, and stay in touch with friends and family.

When asked what they would give up to stay connected, there were some very interesting results as 34% said alcohol, 31% said chocolate, 27% said coffee, 6% said sex, and 4% said a daily bath or shower.

The report paints a very tech-savvy picture of Canadians and their interaction with technology.  Canadians would like technology to connect them with medical professionals and improve their health, get more information about the food they purchase, and roughly a third of people would even like smart appliances.  60% of people would even consider switching jobs for one that would allow them to work from home.