Half of Canadians Would Lie About Being Fired from Last Job, LinkedIn Finds

56% of Canadians wouldn’t be completely honest about being fired.

This is according to LinkedIn’s New Norms @Work study, which says millennials ages 25-34 are least likely to be honest at 62 per cent.

The global LinkedIn study illustrates how Canadian full-time working professionals shape their professional brands for the modern workplace both online and on the job.

“The results from LinkedIn’s New Norms @Work study show that as workplace norms and what professionals expect from their employers evolve, Canadians’ professional brands have become more important than ever before,” said Kathleen Kahlon, communications lead, LinkedIn Canada.

A pristine professional brand is extremely important to today’s professionals, LinkedIn says. The study affirms employees will go to great lengths to protect their reputations—even if it means being dishonest.

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