Canpages iPhone App goes to #1

The folks at Canpages were kind enough to give Techvibes a sneakpeek of a couple recent launches. With their street view application, Canpages made improvements on existing street level mapping tools by engaging users every step of the way. And then last Monday, they rolled out a voice-activated iPhone App that brings on-the-go convenience to the mobile user.

In one short week, Canpages iPhone App has become the #1 Reference App for the iPhone and #17 Free App in Canada. Not bad coming for a stodgy phone book company. Turns out they’re not that stodgy – check out this video of Canpages President Olivier Vincent getting his head shaved to celebrate a company target milestone.


Look out for more from Canpages – they’re Canada’s fastest growing local search firm with the #1 iPhone Reference App and really seem to understand how local search and innovative technology can come together.