Canpages partners with Tagga on mobile sites

Vancouver’s Tagga Media announced this morning that it has struck up a new partnership with Canpages to power their mobile websites offering. Canpages advertisers will now receive mobile optimized websites built on the Tagga platform included as part of selected Canpages advertising programs or can purchase their mobile sites on its own for as little as $25 per month.

“The partnership with Canpages will bring our technology to the SMB market and enable Canadian businesses to lead the way on the mobile web,” comments Tagga CEO Amielle Lake. “The majority of Canadians now have Internet-enabled mobile devices, and it is important for businesses to reach those consumers in a meaningful way when they start searching on their phones.”

Considering the announcement yesterday that Canpages has been acquired by the Yellow Pages Group, this could turn into a much wider partnership than Tagga anticipated.